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Marley Club

The first real doggo NFT

The first doggo NFT project with meaningful intellectual property.
Own a slice of the Marley Club to instantly
become part of our exclusive fan group and
meet Marley!
Every sale raises funds for service-dog charities.

Next Auction - coming soon

marley nyc llc collectibles

Access through NFT qr code

Marley Club NFTs can be collected in two ways:

On-Blockchain Collectibles (Crypto)

  • can be bought, traded and sold on a digital market place using cryptocurrency (solana) via the phantom wallet

  • are unique with a separate digital record (hash) stored on a ledger (blockchain) forever. This ensures authentication of ownenrship.

Off-Blockchain Collectibles (Non-Crypto)

  • are for people who dont give a heck about crypto!😁

  • can be bought and sold on an exchange using any major payment method (e.g. credit card)

  • coming soon

Marley Club 1st edition NFTs available (Blockchain):

Marely Brand

Only 10 exist


Rare - 95 exist


Rare - 95 exist

Bit Marley

Uncommon - 800 exist

Bit Mini-Marley

Common - 9000 exist

Why NFTs?
NFTs provide people with the opportunity to unique digital ownership. Growth of the NFT space is no surprise with early adopters seeking status within a community and long term investment. We believe 'select' NFT usage is going to grow over the years due to its utility capabilities. Marley Club is all about using that utility to provide exclusive access to those that want to be part of the MARLEY NYC brand or just want access to a Marley hug! Most importantly it gives us all a chance to give back to the charities that make a tremendous difference to the less fortunate. More information on the service-dog charities we donate to can be found here.


For business inquiries please email

gary@marleynyc.comManhattan NY USA 10011 HQ
London UK SW

Marley Meetups

Congrats on becoming the owner of one of the rarest pieces of the Marley Club.
Not only ownership but access to Marley hugs are available to you!
Group meetups are once a month in London and Surrey areas. We will also have meetups in NYC on occasion.
Monthly meetups will begin may 2022 in London. Exact time and place will be stated here a few weeks before the next meet.
Dont worry if you're unable to attend meetups as we will do them continuously throughout the year. We also have an exclusive chat group for everyone to stay up to date with exclusive marley mischief.
Much lub

Service-Dog Charities

Marley Club VIP